The outreach ambulance service improves access to people from Ukraine to health care.


Our aim is to improve access of people from Ukraine and other vulnerable persons to health care.

If you can’t get the health care you need, call us at: +421 948 339 647.

We will provide you with advice on who you can contact or make an appointment for you in the place where you live.

We provide:

  • Information on your rights and services offered in health care.
  • Contacts for local doctors.
  • Medical examinations, tests and confirmations free of charge.
  • Ukrainian-speaking paediatrician and general practitioner.
  • Vaccination and prevention.
  • Care for people who suffered from violence.
  • Psychosocial support and stress management.
  • Assistance during examinations by specialized doctors.


  • The services are not available on public holidays.
  • The services are for adults and children who have been granted the status of temporary refuge in Slovakia.
  • The services are also provided by female staff.
  • These services are free of charge.


+421 948 339 647