Make an appointment for a medical examination through an app.
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Services: Health
Languages spoken: Slovensky
9. May 2023


Make a doctor´s appointment online using the Make an Appointment App.

The app is currently available in the following regions of Slovakia:

  • Banská Bystrica Region
  • Trenčín Region
  • Trnava Region
  • Žilina Region

All information is up-to-date and guaranteed by the regional self-governments. The app knows the opening hours of doctors, as well as their reported holidays.

If the nearest free appointment date is not suitable for you, you can choose any other free appointment date.

Just enter your name and phone number, to which we will send you a free confirmation text message. One day before the examination, we will remind you of the appointment again by means of a free text message.

The use of the app is free of charge.

You can find the app at