Not every job offer is a good job offer. Beware of unsafe practices.

If in doubt, seek professional help.
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Foto: Photobyphotoboy, Adobe Stock


Do not let go of your documents

When starting a job, the employer will request your personal data, such as your residential address, ID number, or passport number.

The employer can inspect your personal documents and make a copy of them to verify your identity and add your details to the employment contract. However, he/she may not take your identity document.

Never hand over your passport or ID card to the employer or employment agency.

Employment contract is essential

An employment contract is a necessity. It contains basic information concerning the scope of work, job position and amount of remuneration for your work. Illegal work is never ok. Not only are you not covered by a contract, you also do not pay any contributions and thus, in case of illness, you are not entitled to any sickness benefits.

Never accept a job offer that does not clearly state the salary. A job position for which you are promised only accommodation and food is suspicious.

Do not sign an employment contract that you do not understand or that is written in a language that you do not understand.

If there is anything in an employment contract that you do not understand, talk to the employer or an authorized person about it before signing.

Any matters just said between you and the employer have no legal value and are usually quickly forgotten. Therefore, you had better not rely on what is just said.

The terms of employment must always be clearly described in the contract. The content of the contract is very important and must be subject to the Labour Code.

How to identify a dishonest employer?

It is quite difficult to recognize a dishonest employer at the first meeting. However, there are some warning signs. If you have any doubt, it is better to reject the job offer right away than to deal with unpleasant consequences later.

Warning signs:

  • Unprofessional interview – too personal questions, inquiring about your family situation, your medical condition (which is not related to the job offer), political, racial, religious or sexual comments and jokes or asking your opinion on these topics, gossiping about current employees.
  • Unclear job description – it is not clear from the interview what the scope of your job will be, what you will be responsible for, at what times and at where you will work.
  • Entry fee for starting a job – the employer asks you to pay a fee to start employment.
  • Vaguely determined salary/wage – instead of a fixed remuneration, the employer offers you a share in the future profit of the company.
  • Negative evaluations of the employer – the company has negative evaluations on the Internet or in the circle of your acquaintances. You can find a list of employers who have violated the law on illegal employment at National Labour Inspectorate. You can find a list of employers who owe taxes, health and social security contributions at Debtor.

Consult the experts

If you have any doubts about the job offer or suspect that the employer is not treating you according to the law, do not hesitate to consult the experts from the non-governmental organization International Organisation for Migration (IOM) or Human Rights League (HRL).

You can find contacts at Services – Legal Counselling.

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